Tuesday 30 May 2017

Symposium with Senshu Students - Tuesday, May 30

This is the first ever event organized by RAs (Residence Assistants at International House).  Five Japanese students prepared presentations, titled "Whats' up around University", and gave a short talk to five different groups.  The small unit worked very well and they all had a wonderful time. They went out together after the session!

We love Sushi!! - Tuesday, May 30

I successfully added an additional event today - Sushi!
A sophisticated (?) online booking system did not allow me to book 17 people at once.  I ended up having two account to book four tables.  Food was much better than I thought.

Japan Open Air Folk House Museum NIHON MINKA-EN - Tuesday, May 30

We visited Japan Open Air Folk Museum, which locates next to Senshu University. I like this museum because some of old houses remind me of my childhood  with a lot of memories of my grandmother who was born on December 25, 1900.

Meiji Shrine - Monday, May 29

After the flower arrangement class, we visited Meiji shrine. This shrine is vary famous among tourists, there were more tourists than Japanese people there.

Experience Flower Arrangement - Sogetsu - Monday, May 29

It was not easy to go through Tokyo during rush hour, however, we managed to get to the flower arrangement's class on time. The event was held at Sogetsu Kaikan, very close to Canadian Embassy. 

Sunday 28 May 2017

Explore Tokyo - Shinjuku, Edo-Tokyo Museum, and Asakusa - Sunday, May 28

We made it! Our key words today: Shinjuku, LUMINE 1, "Kakiyasu Sanjuku (this is very hard to memorize though) at 11:00am.